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Oh my God. Just as I load this ecard website, I was bowled over with the interface. Such beautiful roses adorned the page and what’s more, the greeting cards selection is bedecked with those beautiful, stunning roses too!

Just when I thought it is a website full of those cute cartoon flash cards, it actually surprises me that it is not, and in fact this website caters for more elegant cards. All you need to do is choose a theme and the nice decoration of your card, write the message and you are good to go. If you like, you could even choose a music to serenade your recipients! I am sure the recipients will love the card.

Sending Cards can be fun with
Filed under: Useful Stuff — Now how many times have to missed to send out greeting cards to your loved ones .

Well, i have always ended up sending belated wishes and now I am in the mood to get things straight.

One of the nicer sites to sent free flash cards for all occasions, may it be a birthday, anniversaries or if you want to just send roses is

What i like particularly about these cards are the very alternate look, which is a class apart from the cartoon looking cards i have been sending for a while.

You can just send some virtual flowers to your loved one and trust me you need a reason to send them.

Flash Greeting Cards On The Way.

I have a new site to send out greeting cards to my buyers now! If you haven’t received any lately, it is because I could not find a site that allows me to send nice flash ecards for free. even allows us to compose our own greeting card by selecting a theme and then add music and animation along with our personalized message.

This is by far the most interactive free ecards website that I have come across. I tried customizing a Valentine ecard and I am mighty pleased with my own creativity hehehe

This Mother’s Day will be the first time I am using this site to send out egreetings to all my buyers who are mothers and I hope they will like the cards as much as I do!

Sending a Mother’s Day eCards to my mom

Did you receive a Valentine ecard the previous V-day? I got several Flash Greeting Cards from my dear friends. I was really touched with their thoughtfulness.

With another occasion coming (Mother’s Day in case you forgot!), I’m sure many of us will be sending out ecards to our beloved moms especially for daughters like me who is residing miles away from my mom.

I just visited Flash Greeting Cards and chose a card for my mom. It was easy because they have simple steps to follow. First was to choose a theme for the greeting card; I chose roses. Next step was to choose the decoration; I got mom a bouquet of red roses. Step 3 was to customize the greeting card with title, message and music. The last was to send the card by placing my name and email address and the email of the recipient. You can choose to get a notification once the recipient picks up the card. So easy!!!

Get your mom a Mother’s Day ecard now! errr I mean on Mother's Day. =)

Flash E-Cards
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If you’re looking for a cool site to get free e-cards for any occasion, check out They have a great selection of flash cards that you can send to your family and friends absolutely free. They have lots of theme cards you can choose including
cartoons ecards, fairies, roses and more.

If you’re looking to send a loved one a birthday, get well, thinking of you, Easter or Valentine ecard, you can find a nice greeting in their selection of beautiful, colorful animations. Sending an e-card is as simple as choosing the card, your title, your message and your music. In just a few short minutes you can have your e-card on the way to your loved one. Check out the site and find a nice greeting to put a smile on someone’s face.

Save A Stamp
Did you know that the cost of a US first class stamp is going up again??? On May 14th they will cost 41 cents. I know how to get around that! Send free ecards! You can send an ecard for any occasion! You don’t even need an occasion to send one. At there are hundreds of greeting cards to choose from. The categories are endless! To add to that warm and fuzzy feeling you get just for sending a card is the satisfaction of sending any number of ecards absolutely free of cost. Many of the ecards can be customized to play music in the background. They are flash-enabled with animation so that you can play again and again. Do you have a large number of people that you would like to send the same card to? You can do that at Just enter the email addresses and names of the recipients in the multiple entry boxes and your greeting card will be personalized accordingly and sent to all the recipients. Have fun keeping in contact with all of your friends and loved ones.

Free Flash Anniversary and Greeting ecards
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Guys we are saved.
Will your mother accept a egreeting card, via email. Maybe or maybe not. Compose
your Free Flash Greeting e card. Here you will find roses greeting cards, flowers
e cards, valentines greeting cards, fairy e cards, fantasy greeting cards, Victorian
valentines e cards, angels greeting cards and more personalized e-cards ... Nothing
better than free.

Whenever you open a greeting card don't you just love the feeling you get to know
that somebody s thinking about you?

Cards are very nice, also a transfer from the can help also. How about the feeling
knowing that somebody took the time to write out a card and send it to you? Yes
very nice, with some hard currency.
We have all started using the Internet as an important tool in sending personalized
greeting cards to near and dear ones, no matter which part of the world they live in.

Sending greeting cards to people for various occasions like birthdays and anniversaries,
is quick and easy when you wait to last minute like me, or for sending congratulations
e cards or just an 'I Miss you' e card. Websites have thousands of e cards categorized
in an organized manner for you to send. Would you like to wish your son who is studying
abroad a very happy birthday? Better transfer with papal.

My further reading I see the some guys propose to their girlfriend with an e card, say
it is not so.

Would you like to give your wife a surprise by sending her an anniversary greeting card
to her email account? Guys, You know that is all your wife ever wants is you to
remember your anniversary with an email.


I'm all about online greeting cards. Usually I use sites like or But after awhile, I feel like I'm using the same cards over and over again. So I was excited to find a new site for free e-greeting cards!

It's set up a bit different than the usual sites but different is good!

On the homepage you choose which theme you would like to use. Since I'm passionate about flowers I chose that theme to start off with. I chose daisy's from that page and proceeded to the next page. From there, I chose my animated salutation (a rose writing I love you!), chose my music, and then wrote my message. Then I previewed my card and proceeded to send it.

You can also choose from fairy's or victorian stationary or even a couple of cartoon characters!

The cards present themselves more as a fancy message on detailed stationary than as "cards" but it looks great once you open it! It's new and different and something I'll be using in the future!

Have fun creating your cards!

Free Greeting Cards

May is the month of celebration. Lots of birthdays,
wedding ecards, anniversaries and Mother’s Day. I think it is because May is also a school holiday time. Couples took this opportunity to get married so that family members with school going children can come together to celebrate with them on their special day.

Time to send Holiday eCards!

This is also a month where most of us will start looking for greeting cards to send to them. Since there are many of them, e-cards is the most convenient and cost saving.

I have just return from sending an e-card to one of my blogger friend, Jess who is celebrating her birthday today. It is free and I love their Victorian collection. Especially the flowers. On top of that, it is so easy to send one. I’m done in less than minute. Oh ya, did I mentioned that you can add music to your greetings cards? You can.


I remember when I was in high school, I discovered the awesome thing that are e-cards. I would send a bunch to my friends, for any ‘ol reason, and the rest to my family on special birthdays or holidays. I always loved the more interactive ones, complete with music and all the bells and whistles.

As time went by, I forgot about them. But, just a few months ago I received one from my friend and it brought back lots of memories and put a big smile on my face. They’re great for just saying “I miss you”, or “Hey!”… but the best ones are the “I love you” e-cards. has a HUGE selection of all different types of greeting cards. Why not go on over and send one to someone, put a smile on their face.


Free Flash E-Cards

I don’t know about you, but I love sending and receiving e-cards. I think they’re a fun and easy way to let someone that you love know that they’re on your mind. has a large selection of free flash greetings that you can send your friends and family to wish them a happy birthday, tell them that you’re thinking of them, etc.

Flash Greeting Cards also has cards celebrating all of the major holidays such as Easter and Valentines Day. Mother’s day is coming up this month and you can let your mom know you’re thinking of her by sending her a beautiful roses flash greeting. Have an anniversary coming up? Let your significant other know you’ve remembered by send her a beautiful flash anniversary greeting. No matter the occasion, send a free e-card.

eCards are Appreciated
I get an ecard a few times a year from one of my aunts. I really appreciate them. has a lot of tasteful options. You can even enter your custom card design in a competition on the site. Every three months, the winning entry gets featured on the custom design page.

I was just realizing that holiday cards in the traditional paper form are an unnecessary waste of trees. You could argue that you could get ones made from recycled paper, but the catch there is that if somebody holds on to the card as a keepsake, that is end use.

Almost everybody in my extended family uses and reuses those gift bag things, that saves on a lot of wasted paper. Now that almpst everbody is online I should suggest that we stop having paper cards.

Have you sent that card off yet?

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It’s that time of year again, in the U.S. at least. Mother’s day and father’s day are quickly approaching, have you sent off that card to Mom or dad yet? If not, why not click on over to flashgreetingcards and fire off a few free ecards?

I personally love the whole flash card thing. It shows that someone remembered you, and it can do so in a way that a normal print card never can. It can be funny, serious, or even moody. I look forward to getting them.

Heck, if you’ve got a special someone in your life, why not shoot them a romantic or sexy card. They’ll appreciate it.

I know I would.

Posted in Thoughts by Ang. | On the rare occasion, I have been known to send an e-card when I forget a birthday. Most of the e-cards I find are never exactly what I want and that frustrates me. However, there is a really nice site where you can design your own e-cards online. allows you to create your own romantic or funny e-card by picking your theme and adding music. The end product is a very pretty, old-fashioned looking e-card. They are really pretty and could be sent for all sorts of holidays. I have had more fun this morning just messing around with all of the different decorations and music. The next time I have to send an e-card, I won’t feel quite so bad sending one made from this site. The card will be just what I picked out and created for that special person.

E-cards to show you care!
Seasons come and go, but when they come, they bring with them new joys and new hopes. So, make this season a special one for those whom you love by sending them special e-cards online. E-cards come in various designs. It may be animated, or it may simply contain some heart touching words or poems from famous writers.

If you search for e-cards online, you will get a hundreds of thousands of results. But one of the best places for finding really cool e-cards is at As its name says, it is a great place to find wonderful, funny and romantic flash greetings cards. I just sent out a bunch of cards to my friends myself. I found some really cool roses cards out there.

Flashgreetingscards also has a lot of occasion cards for you to choose from. Whether you are looking for birthday cards, anniversary cards or cards for any other special occasions, you can visit and find them at So, make your friends and love ones happy by sending them cool e-cards and show them how much you care for them!

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As you can see in my old posts, I already put many articles for ecards. From the Mothers Day ecards, Fathers Day ecards or even for new neighbour…you can find all of this kind of cards in my archives. Or just type ecard in the search column and tadaaa…. there you are.

Now let’s talk about the ecards for our kids. Yup, this is fun because with this ecard, you can save your time and it also has many variety of design. Just take a look at the option that available, I’m guarantee you will satisfy with the new latest flash ecards. Hey, don’t ever let down you kids feeling. You know that you are a busy parent, but don’t make that as a reason for you to not wish your kids birthday.

So if you think that you want to get an ecards for kids, just find your favorite ecard at Flashgreetingscards.

Flash ecards
I’m always on the look out for new ecards I can send. I love cute and colorful greeting ecards. I have gotten in the habit of sending ecards more often than sending paper cards simply because it is easier and usually free. has several categories of ecards to choose from including birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Easter, cartoons and flowers. It is completely free and using the ecards is simple as well. Just choose the one you want to send and fill in the information. You will be able to preview the card at any point as well. The cards are bright and pretty and there is even a link so that you can print out the card that you receive. I plan on sending one the next time I need to find an ecard.


I been using e-cards ever since it came out ! and hey, it's the best thing that ever happened to me because I don't have to deal the hassle of buying a card, sending and spending money. And whoever invented e-cards ! his/her a savior!!!

We have so many free e-cards around but one of the best that I used is because they have all the designed and styles that I loved most. I often, use them on all occasion because they have ecards for Christmas, Birthdays, Valentines Day, Anniversaries, and all major holiday for her/his, and kids. And you can even choose from funny to romantic flash animated e-card styles or whatever you may wish.

So guys, rememeber to visit and use the FREE e-cards of FLASHGREETINGSCARDS on your next send.

Free Ecards
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Are you into sending e-card greeting cards? Are you looking for a great website to send e-card greeting cards? If so then I have just the thing for you!

By going to, you will discover a wonderful world of e-card greeting cards that has cards for everyone and for all occasions. They even have lovely and cute ecards for kids. The cartoon ecards are something really worth looking at!

At the website, you may send free e-card email greeting cards to friends and family for birthdays, valentines day, anniversaries and all major holidays. Choose from the various funny and romantic free flash animated e-card styles available.

Visit and you will never look for a better place to send ecards ever again!

Free Ecards ~ Flash Greeting Cards

I was recently offered the opportunity to review a company that offers egreeting cards. The great thing about it is the cards are free to send. They have a large assortment of cards that include a flower so if you’re like me and enjoy flowers why not send one to someone?

You’ll find ecards for Christmas, birthdays, cartoons, anniversary letter, etc., Sending your card is easy you enter the recipients email address include a not and click on send. That’s it!When sending notes to friend’s & family occasionally I like to add something extra and an ecard is a perfect way to do it. When I’ve received them they’ve always brought a smile to my face.

If you design your own greeting cards as I do you might want to check out their website they are currently holding a competition for designing greeting cards. A winner is chosen every three months. The next deadline is August 1st.

Check out flashgreeting cards they have a large variety of ecards to choose from and they’re free!

Greeting Cards, Ecards, More

I love the internet age. I think it saves dumb people like me that cannot organise themselves to save themselves. One of the things that I have to say I am the world’s worst is remembering people’s birthdays. Well, actually, if I think about it, it is not actually that I do not remember people’s birthdays, I remember people’s birthdays just fine, it is motivating myself to actually do something about it once I remember that is the problem.

And here is the reason I love the internet and the age of technology that we live in. Now, I can be working away at my desk, tap tapping on my PC and the thought can pop into my head that it is my niece’s birthday in week, tomorrow, whenever, and all I need to do is to scroll down my bookmarks to ecards for kids and send of a magic ecard, that she will absolutely love. Brilliant.

And the best thing is there are a full set of ecards you can use. Greeting cards, birthday cards, bereavement, whatever the situation, there is always the perfect card.

Have fun sending e-cards

I hardly send cards through snail mail ever since e-mail and e-cards came. It was always fun to send some colorful e-cards for our loved ones , friends and relatives with out any hassle of going out and lining up on the post office just to send a card. It’s hassle free I can say. There are many sites that are offering e-cards and Flash Greeting Cards. Com has some pretty cool cards that you can choose from. The fun part is that you can also personalize it like adding music which makes it more fun to send. You can choose from birthday, anniversary e-cards, ecards for Christmas and lots more.!!

Keep in touch is easy

One of the ways to keep in touch with friends across the miles is through sending an online card. Though I still prefer the old-fashioned way of card sending, I can still overlook it due to my busy schedule of running a home business and parenting. The online resource of colorful greeting ecards make it easy to send our love, greetings and goodwill with just a click of the mouse - thanks to the internet technology!

When is the last time you keep in touch and send a simple message of love and kindness to a family member or a friend?

Send an eCard

I love sending eCards. They are free, fun and they brighten up someone's day. What's not to love? is a new site where you can create some lovely cards. There are fairies, victorian valentine's and other olde-worlde flowers and designs. There are also more modern cartoon styles.

The site has a simple wizard that takes you through designing and customising your card. I really like the range of these colorful greeting ecards. I find a lot of eCard sites have designs that are garish or crass. These ones are stylish and elegant.

They also have a competition where you can design a card and submit it by August. The winner's card will be displayed on the site. What a fun project for kids!

Send birthday ecards

Mother’s day passed just now and soon it is time for father’s day. Are you father not in the same country a e card can be in order. A well written ecard for fathers day or birthday ecards is always welcomed. If you are late this is the best option since it will reach the receiver in a second and he or she can reply with ease. Sign up to get reminder on birthdays so that you can send birthday ecards in time. Some sites on the internet even do that automatically saving you loads of trouble. Just make sure you send to people that you are still friends with or it can be an embarrassing ecard moment.

Send e-Cards
i love giving and receiving greeting cards! darwin gets a greeting card from me in all our special occassions. with greeting cards, you can write down your thoughts and feelings. more often, you get to write the things that you rarely say to your loved ones.

thanks to the Internet, giving and sending greeting cards has become easy. no need to go to bookstores and search endlessly for that perfect card to give to your beloved. with e-Cards, you can choose the card that you want to give right at the comforts of your home.

you can choose to email your family and friends for birthday ecards, Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries, and all major holidays. what more, you can choose from a variety of ecards. you can be funny, serious or romantic from the many free flash animated ecard styles. your choices are endless.

let your feelings be known to your loved ones. i know my beloved appreciates all the cards that i give him!

Sending Ecards

No time, no money to shop a gift for your father? Send him an E-Card is just as good. An E-Card sent with your sincere greetings and heartfelt words can mean more than expensive gifts to your father!

I used to send cards to my clients whenever their birthday approaches. Sending cards need stamps. Eversince the existence of internet and email, people can send eCards. For my clients who are internet savvy, I often send Ecards to them. Sending Thank You Ecards, Anniversary Ecards or even holidays Ecards to them save me a lot of money. And it is a useful way of communication between me and my clients or prospects.

Not all the ecards in the internet are free. Some need to pay subscription. Some ecards are free, but their cards are not what I want. So I always look out for free ecards. I bookmarked them and whenever I need to send Birthday cards, New Year Cards, Christmas Cards, I will check out these sites and send out the best ecards to my friends and clients.

Father’s Day is coming. Sending your father a card is the cheapest of all gifts. If you want free ecards, then visit, which offer free e-cards online for all holidays and occasions. Send free E-Card email greeting cards to friends and family for Birthdays, Valentines Day, Anniversaries, and all major holidays! There are many designs to choose — funny and romantic free flash animated ecard styles. Send your father an e-card now!

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